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Mossify Premium Natural Sphagnum Moss

Mossify Premium Natural Sphagnum Moss

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đŸŒ± Spanish Moss: pesticide free & sustainably farmed  💚

This completely natural moss can come back to life in the right conditions. Enough water, sun and love and you will have beautiful live Spanish moss! This Spanish moss species takes about 6 months to fully grow but we do not guarantee growth

Add some stunning Spanish moss to your rainforest!

A versatile, and unique type of Bromeliad that is widely used for decorative purposes because of its special look. Our Spanish Moss will give a completely different look to your home decor, terrarium, and floral arrangement.

Fun fact: as you may know, Spanish Moss is not actually moss. Native Americans used to call it "Tree Hair". Then the French settled in North America and they thought it looked like the beard of all the Spanish Conquistadors they used to see. So they started calling it “Barbe Espagnol”, or Spanish beard. Eventually, the name "Spanish beard" became what we know now as Spanish moss. 

Product harvested in the United States đŸ‡ș🇾

What's included:

  • 70g Premium Spanish Moss Mix.

Used for:

  • Around potted plants;  
  • Terrariums;
  • Home decor;
  • Wire plant baskets;
  • Floral arrangements;
  • Much more.
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