Repotting Services

Introducing our Plant Repotting Service, were our dedicated team of plant gurus will enhance the health and beauty of your plants.  With customized solutions tailored to your plants' specific needs, we promote healthier root systems and vibrant growth. Let us take care of the messy and time-consuming task of repotting, while you enjoy the convenience and stunning results.

Up to 3" pot: $10
3-5" pot: $15
5"-8" pot: $25
8"-10" pot: $30
Cacti additional - All sizes: $5
Orchids: $15-25

Service includes fresh premium potting mix, removal of dead foliage, inspection of visible roots and basic growers pot. 

*We do not offer a guarantee or accept responsibility for damage due to repotting.  We will not repot plants with existing pest or fungus issues.*