Where do you get your plants from?

Most of our plants are grown in small greenhouses in BC.  Some of our plants come from local Alberta plant collectors, especially our more rare or specialty plants.   We also propagate plants ourselves when possible.

What is a "Propagation Station" and how does it work?

Plant propagating is a way to make new baby plants from an existing plant without growing from seed.  Many plants are able to be reproduced this way.  Our community propagation station is free for everyone to enjoy and benefit from.  We accept plant cuttings that are in water, in leca or rooted in small pots of soil.  

Do you ship plants?

No, we do not currently ship plants, however we do offer local delivery for special occasion and gift items.  If you have mobility issues or are unable to visit the store, please contact us via the chat or email and we will try to assist you as best we can.

Are you a flower shop?

No, Whitecourt already has an excellent flower shop and we encourage anyone looking for floral arrangements to contact them.  We offer beautiful living plant arrangements that can be enjoyed for years to come.  

Is the store child and pet friendly?

Children and pets are welcome in the store, however direct adult supervision is required at all times.  Many plants are toxic if consumed, and there are fertilizers, composts and sharp objects in easy reach of both kids and pets.