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Venus Fly Trap

Venus Fly Trap

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Native to North and South Carolina

Bright, indirect light to direct sunlight.  Alternatively use grow lights.  

Use only distilled, reverse osmosis or rain water.  These plants are very sensitive to chemicals in tap/spring water.

Do Not Fertilize. Ever.  

Feed them live small insects like spiders and flys.  Prey should be 1/3 of the trap size or smaller to prevent rot.  Do not feed human food such as meat.  Feeding can be done  through the winter when bugs may not be available in the environment naturally, but keep in mind your plant may go dormant through the winter and not need much. Dormant traps stop eating, stop producing new traps and may start to brown and lose currant traps. Dormancy is important for the overall health of the plant, don't panic!  Commercial fly trap food can also be used.

Note*  Do not poke at the plant to get it to close up just for fun.  This takes a lot of the plant's energy and will eventually cause the plant to die.

Venus fly traps can live up to 20 years!

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