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Mossify Irish Moss Seeds

Mossify Irish Moss Seeds

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This fast growing Irish Moss is stunning! We are proud to be the leader in Irish Moss distribution in Canada. Yes! Irish Moss Seeds are TINY 🔍 ✅ 🤩

Quick facts:

  • Sagina Subulata grows very dense and lush. Feels like a cushion!
  • Small white and yellow star shaped flowers will bloom in spring and release seeds for next season (or to harvest!);
  • Sagina subulata also known as Irish Moss is actually a perennial and will grow back next year after winter;
  • Using this Irish Moss in your driveway is absolutely stunning, and a natural alternative in-between flagstones in the garden 🌱;
  • 1,000 seeds per 1 sq ft - We recommend getting more seeds than what you need in case of a spot missed. 
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